Tech Talk: Why HVAC?

The best way to learn about and explore the possibilities within an industry is to talk to someone who has built a career in that field. We interviewed Mackenzie, an HVAC technician at Anderson Automatic in Cincinnati, to learn how she got her start and built her career in HVAC.


There is a great need for new employees in the HVAC industry. With 100,000 jobs predicted to open up in the next 5 years and an annual growth rate of 14%, there are no shortages of jobs at all levels of experience. Not only will the industry itself be growing but the baby boomer generation is on the edge of retirement, meaning good paying jobs will be opening up at an unprecedented rate for HVAC technicians.

When asked about her HVAC job, Mackenzie stated, “All around it’s a good business to get into because so many people are retiring right now and everyone needs people.” For her, a job opened up immediately after going through school and she jumped straight into a career as a technician. The HVAC industry is looking for all kinds of employees; men, women, old and young are all welcome.

Education & Training

The HVAC industry has an immense amount of opportunity for growth currently, and with that growth has come a number of accredited education programs. Currently, Ohio and California are the two states with the highest number of HVAC schools and programs, this is due to the great need in both states for new HVAC technicians.

Mackenzie discovered that traditional college wasn’t for her, she knew that she didn’t want to sit behind a desk for her whole life, so she began her education in HVAC. Once she finished her program, she moved forward in her career with hands-on experience in the field. When asked about her experience in the field she stated, “I personally drove around in a truck for a year learning. There are also classes that we take to extend our knowledge.” It is fairly normal to take this year of paid apprenticeship where new employees work with seasoned experts. This period is all about making you feel comfortable in your new career and to build up your knowledge of everything old and new in HVAC.

A Great Work Environment

Mackenzie knew that the traditional cubicle life was not what she wanted for herself. She wanted to meet new people and to experience new things every day. The HVAC industry, as it turns out, was a perfect fit for her. She stated, “My favorite part of HVAC is meeting new people every day. Every customer you meet is different. It’s a different house, a different person, a different life. You also get to do a little bit of everything. It’s a little bit of the plumbing, a little bit of the heating and cooling, a little bit of the electric, it gives you a broad spectrum of experience with a lot of things.”

Mackenzie stated in closing, “I would definitely recommend this industry to a friend because it gives you so much opportunity. You learn so much. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned here and applied it to other parts of my life.” She has found a career that she is passionate about in HVAC. The combination of new experiences, great opportunity, and easily accessible education routes makes a career in HVAC stronger and more appealing than ever. If you would like to learn more about a career in HVAC, visit our website or get in contact with us today.