The Top 3 Skills for HVAC Employees

With the baby boomer generation on the cusp of retirement, there is an immense need for new HVAC technicians of all walks of life. With an expected 100,000 new job openings emerging in the next 5 years, the HVAC industry needs great new technicians. It has never been easier to get into the industry or to look for advancement with amazing HVAC companies. Here is a list of the three most important characteristics of phenomenal technicians.

1. Knowledge of HVAC

As with any field, a good foundation of knowledge is the best path to success. Luckily, in the HVAC field, education has never been more accessible. If you are looking for great educational opportunities, look no further than the great state of Ohio. With the densest grouping of accredited HVACR schools in the country, Ohio has some of the best opportunities in the industry for new HVAC technicians. The more education you have starting your career, the quicker you will be able to excel, opening up a world of advancement and benefits.

2. Interest in Advanced Learning

Maybe you’ve been in the HVAC industry for a while, you’ve seen the worst of the worst and tasted success, but the moment we stop learning, we stop growing. Even the most expert technician can benefit from learning the advances in the industry or technical skills that they may have overlooked.

One of the biggest pitfalls of people in any industry is falling into a rut. You’ve been doing something for so long that the old way becomes the only way in your mind. But in the world we live in, technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, and the old way is becoming obsolete faster than ever before. This means that taking classes and studying the new techniques in HVAC is one of the best things an HVAC technician can do for themselves. HVAC contractors will typically make an effort to keep their technicians educated and their skills refined. After all, the more efficient you are at doing your job, the more clients you can fit into your normal work hours. By being more efficient with your time, you can increase your productivity, and in turn your payout, by 25%.

3. Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is notoriously one of the most underrated aspects of any technician in the field. Having the ability to hold a good conversation and making your customers feel comfortable in the services that you are providing makes you a valuable resource that is much more likely to receive a second call or referral. In the HVAC industry, word of mouth is some of the best advertising you can get. Not only is it free, but people are much more inclined to trust and believe their neighbors and friends than a billboard, an ad in a newspaper or even a commercial. Simply by being kind, informative and friendly, you can greatly increase your business and profitability.


So what are you waiting for? If you are motivated, friendly and have a desire to learn, the HVAC industry needs technicians like you! If you would like to apply, click here to get started on your new and exciting career.